Everything is perfect, just because of imperfection.

For the first time I feel I’m sure of myself. I want him, just him. I want that later everything will be as wonderful as now. It shouldn’t pass away. I want this flame burn the same heat forever and never sleep. I want feelings. I want to love him, the way no one else. I want to feel and love even when it’s disappointing and brings loneliness, because love can take you as down as high. You think your life has meaning, and unexpectedly someone appears in your life, you get to love him, and everything gets confused. And you don’t want anything or anyone else, just him. This love found me so fast, so I didn’t have time to think about my decisions. Maybe I didn’t want, I was thinking about just him. Because even his faults are perfect. You know, the little faults, stupid things which maybe make you nervous, these will be missed the most if you lose him. He is a little bit crazy as I am, he has faults, deficiencies, I could change him, but come on.. Perfect doesn’t exist, do not look for. Everything is perfect, just because of imperfection.

My heart is smiling

He is here for me now and I don’t care about anyone else. Everything is just perfect. I look at him, look at his mouth, his nose, his eyes, how he looks at me. Sometimes it feels like a dream, I can’t believe it’s happening to me. I often look at his hands, when he caresses me, when we lay on the bed and our hands are clasped together. He immediately notices when something bad comes to my mind and asks me what’s wrong. I smile and answer ‘nothing’. He doesn’t believe me and doesn’t give up until I tell the truth. I feel that he cares about and listening to me. He is a little bad guy, yet well-mannered and romantic. My heart smiles when I lay on his chest, and he snuffs to my ears and tries to sleep. When he says he doesn’t want to lose me and gives me a kiss. When he looks at me with his sweet eyes and I become flushed. When he takes me home on foot, even if he hates walking. My heart always smiles, when he comes to my mind. 

A little party never killed nobody